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Escape Experience

Situated in the traditional village of Menanga, Rendang – Karangasem. Tapa Agung View is surrounded by authentic Balinese experiences. On your doorstep, a traditional market can be found and as you roam further afield, more wonders are there to be explored. Mount Agung morning trekking excursions provide an opportunity to experience the mountain experience up close and escape. There are also Mother Temple of Besakih tours as well as natural picnic to explore the island’s tropical beauty. Every month, the resort conducts a village clean-up and guests are more than welcome to participate.

Harvesting the Delights of Salak

Get in touch with nature and spend time in the stunning orchard hand picking tropical Salak fruit. Once collected, these succulent gems are ready to grace tables with their exotic, sweet, and slightly tangy flavors.


As you unfurl your mat amidst the breathtaking mountain panorama, take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty all around. The majestic Mt Agung and peaceful environment give a sense of serenity and connection to the natural world.

Temple visit

Visit local Balinese temples and immerse yourself in the islands’ most culturally important traditions. The temple’s architecture and beauty are a testament to centuries of devotion, with each temple overflowing in spiritual and cultural significance.

Local market visit – including a cooking class

Experience the activities enjoyed by the Balinese people – shopping at traditional markets and testing your cooking skills with the best quality ingredients. Get hands-on in preparing richly spiced Indonesian dishes using fresh ingredients directly from the gardens.


While in Karangasem, follow your sense of adventure and try white water rafting. This river rafting experience is not just an adventure; it’s a voyage into the untamed spirit of Bali’s stunning natural landscape.

Mount Agung Trekking

Embark on an unforgettable trekking adventure that will ignite your spirit of exploration and immerse you in the heart of one of Bali’s natural wonders. Our carefully crafted hiking experience promises more than just a journey; it’s an enriching experience that will give you the ability to see Mt Agung like never before.